Friday, May 28, 2010

Part Southern Belle, Part California Sunshine...

But really just me...

This blog is all about the lessons learned I have had here. Would love to get your feedback.


I have always been super driven and passionate about every endeavor I take on. When I moved to Dallas I made every effort to make friends and network. I soon tired myself out. They always say it's harder to make friends as you get older. I have been super lucky that with some southern hospitality and a little effort on my part to make new friends- I have some amazing people here to help me move as well as give me hugs when I am sick. But it's clear with charm and similar interests how some friendships have the potential for more, and how others just fall at the waist side. Since I follow law of attraction, I overheard a conversation at a coffee shop of a woman who just moved here from LA and after approaching her, we still hang out almost every day looking for jobs together (go Nancy!). Cool eh? I have been lucky to find so many wonderful people in this town so far and as for my friends from back home, I think of you guys often. After all old friends will always be special, new friends will take time.


Someone owed me money, and though it's not a huge fuss, being laid off I have become very sensitive about every nickel and dime I spend. It got to the point I was losing sleep over it. Finally after much advice from my dad and friends, I let it go saying it was up to God, the universe or whomever to trust I would somehow get my money. The second I did let go, I finally got it. As my mom says, your health is more important than anything and the stress over money is not worth it. In the meantime, I have also turned down many job opportunities which required 100% travel and even one offering up to 120k/yr because I know why I moved here, to slow down and yes, to even take a huge pay cut. Trust me money is tempting especially when you are running out of time and money and all the commotion about the rocky economy. I continue to stick to my guns, trying to be courageous and hold on to my values (as newly defined as ever) and for dear life as I might add.


By the way, this has been one of the toughest things I have ever gone through. As my friend Claudia says its not like we are starving in Africa. Or as my friend Rich says we have a rich man's problem. But moving here, selling everything, leaving everything I know behind has been eye opening. I have couch surfed, lived out of a suitcase, had my car vandalized, was 30 ft away from a neighbor's suicide, I felt like I was living a life void of true enjoyment. Though not a financial emergency as yet, I am learning to live life with a little bit more dignity. For those who don't know I have left the Stardust apts in Dallas for a little nicer apartment, where I am enjoying it profusely and cooking up a storm (a joy in life is being to have my own place and able to cook again). I am getting my "mojo" back and savoring every moment. I don't regret being laid off- I think everyone should experience it. You learn to be grateful for the littlest things in life. I cry as much as I laugh. To feel, is amazing- as painful as it is.


I will save this topic for another blog post. ;)


I recently asked a waiter who lived in LA for several years, why the food tastes better here. He said because people enjoy life here, slow down, they really take care and pride in cooking. Instead of worrying about high priced rent in California, restaurateurs here enjoy food and making their customers happy. I am excited to try the local butcher, grow some okra and peaches (it is the south after all), and keep getting free drinks from the bartenders (yes people are that friendly here). By the way I am official Yelp Elite member now and a VIP in the eating world in Dallas. Woohoo!


Looking for a job has been a soul searching experience. As I have done many things in my previous life in the career world ( a consultant wears many hats) this is the first time to take a hard look at what I want- even in a bad economy. One as said before, money isn't everything especially when I want to focus on my health. Two, the bottom line there are many things I can do- I have seen and done many things. Ultimately I want to find a job where I get paid enough to pay my bills, but more importantly an environment that is stable, creative and with people who work hard and care. Simple isn't it? Culture to me is everything. That is why if you look at all the companies I have worked for in the past, they have always been voted as one of the top companies to work for. Enough said. I am one lucky girl.


My religion is kindness- plain and simple (and that I believe we are connected in some way). Though I have always been spiritual (never grew up under a formal religion even though my grandparents I assume are Buddhist and I went to a Catholic High School), moving to Dallas and being laid off meant being put in a situation where I needed a huge support system. I have never been a church goer, and though I still meditate without fail, I found this amazing liberal church to call home :) Oh and I do follow full moons and the mercury retrograde as well. ;)


Most of my life I have been selfish with my time- if I am not working, I am with my friends and enjoying life. For the first time, I am able to give back to the community. Since I have a love of kids and dancing, I have been volunteering kids at a local public school how to dance as part of their after school program. It's been a great love to be around kids, to dance and to learn about myself through the process. But I am not getting paid. If you would like to donate money to help me do this better (iTunes cards for music, Justin Bieber CD- they love him!, etc.- right now we are just using the radio) please donate at under If you write me I can tell you where your money is going and how it goes directly to the kids. Anything helps!

Sending you all love from Dallas, Texas.



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  2. Since you got paid back, I want my $20. Ha Ha!