Saturday, April 2, 2011

Almost a year!


How time flies. It's almost been a year since I have moved to Dallas. # 1 question I get...Do I eat BBQ all the time? Honestly I have only eaten it once since I moved here. Is it just for tourists? Or down hard country folks? My life is the same in California, but fuller...

I still eat at Whole Foods (based in Texas might I add). Eat organic when I can. Meditate, do yoga, dance, run. The California in me will always be there.

Lately I have been living a life of extremes. Such as no fried foods. No boys. No forcing love. No superficial friends. How I try living in black and white and for once, I am loving living in the gray. All in moderation. As long as you don't try to hurt people along the way.

Anyhow my new mantra flavor is "Feel" before you "Think". Follow charm, what feels good, what makes your heart beat, what is your gut feeling saying and then say, what does it mean? How should I proceed to act? But don't judge too early, the answer might be evident later, or never.

Life is good my friends. And if you move to Texas, the allergies are horrible here. And Dallas is only a step away from Austin. Spread the love- from California to NYC, there is us Texans in the middle. Come visit. Come evolve. Make the world a better place.

In a year...I fell in love with a church. Made a new best friend. Will be a youth adviser for 13-18 year olds and continue to weekly bruise my body and quench my soul on the dance floor.