Saturday, November 24, 2012

Movin to the Country...and why I changed my mind.


As some of you know I moved to Wylie, TX (25 miles outside of Dallas) about 3 months ago. I did this for 2 main reasons. To follow love, and follow my heart. And there was always a part of me that wanted to live the more simple life. To have chickens and wake up to my own fresh farm eggs. To be able to make my own artisan cheese. Unfortunately, reality hit...Read on to find out why.

Honestly for those from California, I was thinking moving to the country in TX would be like moving to Petaluma. That I would be able to easily find cute little farmer stands at the end of the road. Or there would be that simple mom and pop restaurant I would frequent every weekend for the best homemade food and fresh pies...

Yes I am idealistic. Yes I was dreaming. Yes I am me.

Wylie - my take...

You will find some of the friendliest people in Wylie. I remember the smile and graciousness I found when paying at a gas station once. Or when I walk my dog every morning, and how people stop to wave and say hello. Raising kids seems good here. Kids as young as 6 years old are walking home from school by themselves. Its safe. Its simple.

Wylie even has a brand new library, you can tell they are really trying to add more culture to this town. They have a good high school and opening a movie theater soon.

There are no dog parks. Maybe I am spoiled. I do like my dog having dog friends. I walk my dog every morning and no one else walks their dogs. This is a sleepy neighborhood where dogs are yard dogs. Nothing wrong with that. But a little cosmopolitan girl like me appreciates the thought of getting ice cream with her dog on a sunny day and walking through a park. Boo!

There are only fast food restaurants nearby. Fast food nation here we are. Obesity? Yes. Convenience? Yes.
Obama voters probably do not exist. I am not big into politics. But diversity of opinion, right or wrong I think is healthy.
Raise a kid to be simple and kind is easy here, but how about cultured and open-minded? But then again, who am I to judge. Most Dallas kids that go to public schools are hispanic and African American. Only white and Asian kids can afford to go to private schools.
Commute. I know traffic. I lived in LA. I drove 3 hours a day sometimes in traffic. But there was never any permanence around since my job was project based. Now that I was living and commuting 60 miles round trip, I felt it sucked the life out of me. I was too tired to cook, to dance, to do yoga, to see friends. Not just that no friends, yoga or dance in Wylie. I commuted 7 days a week to be able to attend church, work, dance, etc. I was exhausted and unfulfilled in life.

I always frowned upon the "uptown" folks. As if being rich was a crime, I looked down at how pretentious they were. And that was not me. But now that I have been on the other side, I realize that life is not so "black and white". I don't want to judge people in Wylie and to stereotype them as "red necks" nor do I want to do the same about uptown folks being "rich and snobby". All I know more than anything I learned a huge lesson. I am not defined by where I live, but I cannot deny who I am. I am Asian, I am French, I am Californian and I am a Texan. Though Wylie is not for me, and neither is uptown, I realize I am somewhere in between. Where I need to be close to work, to dance, to my friends, to my religion, and to have easy access to simple things in life be it food or organic groceries. Yes I am a hippie at heart. Yes I am different. And I am proud to be who I am - unique and learning every day, to not judge others and to keep an open mind.