Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dust to Stars...

Last week I flew to Dallas to look for an apartment. If there was an exit strategy, I missed it. The night before I left I seriously contemplated my options once again. What was I doing moving without a job first in hand? Is it too late to change my mind? I have never been a spiritual person that ran her life based on intuition or faith. Writing this blog you will see how I was able to turn some dust into stars...

I went to Dallas last week for 2 main reasons to make sure I liked it (again with no exit strategy in mind) and to find a place called home. After couch surfing for over a month, I had to believe there was a resting place for me. After some research on Craigslist, I narrowed it down to the following requirements- cheap (well cheaper than California, the whole reason I am leaving is to find a better quality of life), hardwood floors, lots of sunlight and a walking neighborhood. I am a lucky girl now I am about to sub-lease an apartment (pictures included), that is in walking distance to coffee, yoga, Whole Foods and a mile from a beautiful lake (

Places to eat/try when in Dallas that I discovered on this trip:

1. The Boiling Crab
"Make a cow happy, eat seafood", I think they stole this tagline idea from Chik-fil-A. It's not clear if this place is run by Asians as many of the locations happen to be in Asian communities- the word on the street it is over an hour wait in locations in California. The one in Dallas was an easy in- I suggest ordering the crawfish boil.
2. Babes Chicken
My friends recommended this, for those in LA- this place has nothing on Roscoe's. It's a good deal for some ten bucks (everything really is bigger in Texas including food portions). A bit salty, I personally prefer Honey Kettle in Culver City.
3. Deep Ellum Art Festival
For Austin lovers, I heard this is as close it gets to indy music and hipster crowds in Dallas.
4. Temple Grandin
Though this is not a Dallas specific movie, I was sitting in my hotel room watching planes take off at DFW and asked myself what I was doing with my life. I stumbled upon this on TV, and fell in love with it. With many, many tears down my face, I am excited to continue finding my calling or my "dharma" in Texas. :) If you can, please watch this movie, it changed my life.
5. Prada in Texas?
Last but not least, I leave for my road trip to Dallas in a few days. Do you think it's worthwhile to take a 2 hour detour to visit Prada? I would like to hear your thoughts, post a comment.

Special thanks to Cynthia+Glaser, Anita+Torey, Albert, Erika, Ashley, the North Highland Dallas office and Nick for your friendly help during this trip.

ps My friend Julie sent me this beautiful article with this quote:

Dan Gilbert, author of “Stumbling on Happiness” says that research shows that, contrary to popular belief,having more options generally decreases happiness because we get stuck in second-guessing all our choices. All these options can cause us to keep looking outside of ourselves for the next trend and lead us to lose touch with that part of ourselves that knows what we uniquely desire and value, and that’s when the internal conflict sets in.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Claud!!! We'll make sure you're okay! Dallas will be a lot more fun with you living in it!